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Firefighters visit Road safety

Road safety
First thing this morning on Thursday 19th May, we (5LH) got to meet the fire fighters to learn a bit more about them. Everyone was very excited to meet them.
One of the activities was road safety. We had to look at a picture and find the hazards and safety. There were crosses for the wrong answers and ticks for the right. For example there was somebody who was riding the bike with a helmet so that was a tick and somebody without so that had a cross on it.
On the other side there were no crosses or ticks so we had to find them ourselves. We found almost all the hazards on there. The most dangerous one was talking on the phone and putting your hand out the window of a moving car. A shocking one was that a normal tissue box can weigh as much as a house brick when you have the car crash!


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Firefighters visit Smoke Alarms

Firefighters visit recount
On Thursday 19th May 2011 class 5LH had a visit from the West Midlands firefighters. We had learnt all about Smoke Alarms.
These are a few things we had learnt:
• That the Smoke Alarm should be in the middle of the landing
• If you have two put the second on the stairs
• At least test your smoke alarm every month
• Don’t paint over the smoke alarm
• Vacuum the smoke alarm gently every week to keep the dust off.

If your smoke alarm stops working buy another one but don’t leave it out of use put it up straight away. If you do not know how get a professional to do it. The officer said “ do not put smoke alarms in the attic, bathroom or kitchen “.

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Firefighters at Bearwood Hoax Calls

Hoax Calls don’t call 999
First we talked about a boy called Jimmy who made a hoax calls. We also discussed about the consequences of hoax calls. Along with that we also practiced calling 999 and talking to the fire service. The fireman asked us questions like, have we ever experienced a fire? He also asked us about our contact details. He gave us instructions on how to call the fire brigade in case of a fire.
Remember smoke kills in seconds, fire kills in minutes.

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Firefighters at Bearwood

Fire hazards!
In this corner, we had to circle the fire hazards in the picture of the kitchen. We also discussed the fire hazards we had identified. Almost all the hazards could start a fire. We discovered that there are many dangerous hazards around the home. The fire-fighter who helped us told that if you cello tape a broken wire you will electrocuted and die! One of the hazards we had found out was if you leave the smoke alarm in the packet it won’t protect you. We learnt lots about fire hazards.
Smoke alarms
In this corner, we talked about smoke alarms. We discovered that we need to check our smoke alarms every week or at least once a month. The fireman said “You need two smoke alarms, one at the top of the landing and one downstairs.” If your smoke alarms battery dies you NEED a new one as soon as possible.

Hoax calls
In this corner we learnt about hoax calls and the calling the fire service. We learned hoiw to call the fire service if you do a hoax call you can get a visit from the police and get a disconnected phone. We learned never to do a hoax call.

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Fire Fighters at Bearwood by Amrit and Emma

On Thursday 19th May four Fire Fighters, came into 5h and talked to us about fire saftey and that we should never make hoax calls because it puts other people in risk. It also will waste there time. We went into the small hall and we had four activities and they were road saftey, smoke alarms, dangers in a house and what to do when you call 999. They told us that you have to be over 18 to be a Fire Fighter and a police woman or man. You don’t have to be a height to be any of the jobs and you have to be 12 and over 135cm to not have a car seat and to sit in the front. When you call the service you have to stay on all times so they know where they are going and to know if you are all out the house and safe and to make sure you dont go back in the house. If there is a pet in the house they will get it out of the house.

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P:E lesson (Volcanos) By Elliott

In P:E our topic is Volcanos and in part of this topic we have made a dance in groups of 5. This dance includes balancing. 1 person in are group has an instrument and they bang the drum/ or shaking the tambarine. And then they make the loudest sound they can and then you jump up and make a shape the you land the hold and spiky shape like a spark coming out of the Volcano. Please watch or amazing videos in P:E.

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Performance Poetry By Aman

In Literacy this week 5H have been doing some exciting poetry! We have been using, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration and lots lots more. Today we did some performance poetry and got some famous poems and performed them in our own voices with actions and loud,clear voices. Look at this video to learn more…

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