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Year 5’s visit to Birmingham City University

Today we have been on the most exciting trip! We have been to Birmingham City University. We had the student ambassadors show us round. Let me tell you all about it…

First, we clambered onto the coach and belted up.The coach started up and drove away. A few minutes later we arrived at the university. Waiting at the door, were the student ambassadors watching us get off the coach.

Read more tomorrow to find out what happened next…


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Elliott’s visit to Birmingham City University

It all started by catching the coach to Birmingham City University. While we were on the coach me and everybody else were wondering what it was going to be like. When we arrived there were two young university ambassadors waiting to greet us. The university ambassadors started the trip by taking us up to the 4th floor were we going to keep our belongings and do our Masterclass in Art, Budgeting and Psychology. First Dan was telling us about the university and then we answered the question, were we going go to go to university when we were older?

Read again tomorrow to find out what happened next…

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5H’s Birmingham City University Visit

5H visited Birmingham City University today take a look at our pictures.

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Story telling

The children have been writing a new version of Robin Hood and telling their story orally.Here are some of their stories.

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