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We are all Shake, Rattle and Rolled out!

Wow, year 5 haven’t we had a brilliant time working on our project? What we would really like to know now is:

What was your favourite part of the project?

What would you like to do again?

What would you differently?

How are you going to remember what you have learnt?

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?


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Are you sitting comfortably II

More of Y5’s brilliant stories.

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5H We got it wrong!!!

The question was which is denser, cool air or warm air?

We said warm air, find out why cool air is denser.

There’s a prize for the most accurate answer.

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Achievement Awards

Go to Josh and Anisa this week.

Well done

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Respect Awards

     Go  to Sumayyah and Zodecca this week.


Well done

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Making Music

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Y5 have been designing, planning, constructing and playing musical instruments.

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Oh No It Isn’t!

Next half term we are going to write and perform a pantomime to KS 2. It’s going to be absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait! Have you ever been to a pantomime? Do you know the names of any pantomimes? What type of characters, settings and problems are there in pantomimes?

We will also be going to the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton to watch the pantomime Aladdin!

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